Flying With Medical Marijuana: What You Need To Know

Boarding a flight when in possession of medical marijuana makes most patients ask themselves if there might be problems that come with doing so. Truth be told, medical marijuana is a drug that’s in a class of its own and this is the core of the entire debate. Talked about in this article are useful guidelines for anyone planning to fly with medical marijuana.

First and foremost, you need to carry your medical documentation with you. Never leave this behind as you will have a hard time convincing the authorities that your cannabis is for health matters. It would be prudent to obtain another one probably from an online dispensary Canada offers its patients today in the event that the one you had got lost. The airport experience will be free of hassles if you made sure that you have got medical documentation at arm’s reach.

You need to also notify the screening staff that there is some medical marijuana with you beforehand. Some travelers are of the opinion that it would be better to remain mum about this but this can leave a bitter taste in the mouth as the search can be intense to an extent that the plane takes off as the search goes on. The best way to keep this kind of trouble at bay is ensuring that you notify the relevant people early enough.

Despite being frank of what you are carrying is medicinal marijuana, this does not mean that you are exempt from a search. A police officer requesting to check your luggage should therefore come as no surprise. Remember that marijuana is still listed among the controlled substances according to the law and the checking will only be to confirm that you are not carrying more than what it is allowed.

Professionals say that a search of this nature can at times cause delays. If you are not in contravention of the law, you need not be worried of your precious time going down the drain as the process will barely cross the 30 minute mark. As we had pointed out earlier, make sure that you make it known that you’re carrying medical marijuana so as to keep unwanted delays at bay. It is on this note that you are advised to arrive earlier in order to get through with this the soonest possible.

Studies have time and again proven that medical marijuana has its advantages. Even so, the authorities are always cautious when it comes to traveling with this as they wouldn’t want anyone violating the law. Next time you will be taking a flight, it would be good to keep the aforesaid guidelines in mind to avoid any inconveniences.