The online counseling is getting popular day by day. Though the in-person counseling still is being done and has its own importance. But the people who remain busy or unable to manage the timely sessions for them the online counseling is a great option. Not everyone prefers the online counseling, but for many, it is truly a blessing as they can find a solution to their problems by consulting an expert. If you have issues regarding mental health, then you are not able to perform your tasks well. You lose interest in what you do so online therapy is taking the world of mental health by storm.

Online therapy is a game changer:

Why people like the online therapy? Well, people do not want to be judged and in-person sessions they think they would be judged. To avoid this, they prefer the online therapy. Also, the price is an important factor that is making the field of online therapy increasingly popular. People find it easier to discuss the details with a therapist online rather than face to face. They better describe their situations and conditions comfortably in online therapy. So we can say that the online therapy is a game changer.

Better help:

Better help is a platform for online counseling. Millions of people have visited this platform to discuss their mental health and get advice from online therapists. It is a professional platform where every therapist is licensed. You can chat with any therapist without any hesitation, and the entire information you provide remains confidential.

With the better help, you can take advice on various matters from the professional and experienced therapist. It is not necessary to stick to one therapist if you are not getting any benefit after therapies. You can change your therapist at any time. The best part is that you do not need to worry about the schedules as you can have a session when you find the time. You can connect with your therapist any time. It is not an expensive platform at all, and you can pay a fee to communicate with your therapist.


It is the main competitor for the better help. They have more than one thousand therapist who assists people and gives them advice about their mental health. The best part is that it is less expensive than traditional therapy and the therapist on Talkspace do not judge you at all. What you discuss with them remains private and you do not need to worry about anything. If you are free and have the devices near you, you can send a message to your therapist.

What is the difference in both?

Now it is the time to see difference between better help versus talk space. The main difference is of the sign-up process. While getting registered on Talkspace, you have to wait for the therapist to connect before moving towards the next step. It is little annoying. Both the services connect you with the therapist, and you can get help from them by describing your issues.