Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Individuals with low growth hormone can feel and look tired and old. Unlike adrenal fatigue that’s worse in the afternoon, or thyroid fatigue that is worse in the morning, growth hormone fatigue is constant.
If growth hormone is low, then sleep is poor, which only adds to the issue, since most growth hormone is produced throughout the deepest phases of sleep (phases 3 and 4), which lessen as we age. When you’re low in growth hormone, sleep feels light and is also easily interrupted. Sleep doesn’t feel refreshing, and you’ve got the sense that you have been up all night despite the fact that your bed partner may say that you did actually sleep enough.
The physical signs of growth hormone deficiency keep plastic surgeons busy. Facial lines or creases deepen. Lips become thin, less full. Just consider the lips of any elderly person – the upper lip is nearly nonexistent. Because growth hormone builds muscle, the muscles of the upper arms, particularly the shoulders and triceps, are less muscled. Hands are usually thin and wrinkly, and buttocks often sag. The inner thighs just above the knees could also sag. Bones thin, and it is not unusual to see low growth hormone levels in individuals with osteoporosis. Bone loss may also thin your jaw line, and your jaw can start to recede. With low growth hormone, your skin becomes dry and thin, and there’s less sweating, making you more at risk of heat intolerance.


Impaired psychological well-being and quality of life with:
o   poor general health 
o   impaired of positive well-being 
o   depressed mood 
o   increased anxiety 
o   reduced vitality 
o   reduced energy 
o   impaired emotional reaction 
o   increased social isolation


o   reduced lean body mass 
o   reduced extracellular fluid volume 
o   reduced bone mineral density 
o   increased body fat 
o   increased waist: hip ratio 
o   decreased HDL cholesterol 
o   increased LDL cholesterol 
o   reduced renal plasma flow 
o   reduced basal metabolic rate 
o   reduced muscle bulk 
o   reduced muscle strength 
o   reduced exercise performance 
o   reduced anaerobic threshold