What the FDA is Finding During 503B Inspections

The healthcare industry is undeniably one of the most important sectors of the economy. Tasked with the responsibility of ensuring good health among the general public, the healthcare system has a vital role in ensuring the well-being of society.

One aspect of the healthcare system is that of compounding pharmacies. These pharmacies produce medications on a customized basis for hospitals that is based on their unique needs rather than mass producing it the way commercial pharmaceutical companies do.

Regarding governmental oversight of compounding pharmacies, there was a time when industry regulations were greatly lacking, compared to what exists today. While there were a few regulations, they were mostly managed by local health boards, as opposed a centralized organization such as the FDA.

It was not until the occurrences of serious contamination issues in the marketplace that the government decided to change the way the system was run. Contaminated medications that were being produced at compounding pharmacies led to the deaths of several people, and many more being adversely affected.

In response, the government decided to overhaul the system with regard to the way it functioned. The oversight and regulation of compounding pharmacies were transferred from the local health boards to …


Cannabis oil for facial treatment

After attending a dinner party, Arinda Christie, beauty editor in one of the lifestyle magazines, offered me to clean up my makeup with hemp oil, the oil she said came from a marijuana plant.

“Calm down, this does not make you drunk and does not smell marijuana,” he said.

He cited the use of the oil. Initially, a few drops of oil are poured in one of the palms, then rubbed on both palms, and smeared onto the face according to the mash-up movement. Afterward, Arinda placed a warm towel on her face while pressing and giving a small massage on some parts of the face. After being pressed, he wiped the entire face with a towel. Arinda performed the ritual every night for the past year.

“Before this, the acne on my face was quite severe. For me, Cannabis oil is quite helpful in overcoming the problem of acne. The price is not expensive and its products can be found in Indonesia. Storage is also easy, just have to put it in the refrigerator, “said Arinda.

In the country, hemp oil products can be found on the Organic Supply website, an online store of various essential oil and carrier …


Know the difference between Talkspace and Betterhelp

The online counseling is getting popular day by day. Though the in-person counseling still is being done and has its own importance. But the people who remain busy or unable to manage the timely sessions for them the online counseling is a great option. Not everyone prefers the online counseling, but for many, it is truly a blessing as they can find a solution to their problems by consulting an expert. If you have issues regarding mental health, then you are not able to perform your tasks well. You lose interest in what you do so online therapy is taking the world of mental health by storm.

Online therapy is a game changer:

Why people like the online therapy? Well, people do not want to be judged and in-person sessions they think they would be judged. To avoid this, they prefer the online therapy. Also, the price is an important factor that is making the field of online therapy increasingly popular. People find it easier to discuss the details with a therapist online rather than face to face. They better describe their situations and conditions comfortably in online therapy. So we can say that the online therapy is a game …


You And Your Well-Being: Strategies That Promote Physical And Mental Health

If you’ve noted that you frequently experience signs of lackluster health such as chronic fatigue or frequent illness, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to settle for this type of substandard living. Instead, you can begin to implement lifestyle changes that will promote greater levels of mental and physical well-being. To get on the road to optimized well-being now, utilize some or all of the following techniques:

1. Study Up On Nutrition.

One great way to take your physical and mental health to a new height is by studying up on nutrition. Taking this step will help you gain knowledge regarding which foods you should be consuming to attain great outcomes like improved immunity, clearer skin, mental clarity, and mood stability. You can use free online resources such as www.webMD.com to learn more about nutrition. Another great resource option is www.whfoods.com.

2. Find Exercises That You Love…And Do Them Regularly.

In addition to studying up on nutrition, make sure that you find exercises that you love and then get in the habit of doing them regularly. In many cases, people know that exercise will provide them with multiple health benefits yet find that the physical activities they engage …


Otoplasty Surgery: 5 Things to Know Before Getting Your Children’s Ears Pinned

Does your child have protruding ears that stick out, are significantly large or out of proportion? Otoplasty surgery is an excellent option to reduce the size of prominent ears or permanently reposition protruding ears closer to the head. Its normal to feel hesitant about altering your child’s appearance through surgery — especially when it’s perceived as a cosmetic procedure for vanity.

However, ear pinning surgery is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on children and is extremely common. In fact, you could argue that having your child’s ears pinned back is reconstructive surgery, designed to restore a feature to its ‘normal’ appearance. Here are five things you need to know about ear pinning surgery:


Children can be teased or bullied for their prominent ears, which can lead to heightened self-consciousness and negative self-esteem. Ear pinning surgery restores balance and proportion to the ears and face, and these subtle changes make a huge difference to overall facial harmony.  Most children report increased self-confidence after the procedure.


Ear pinning surgery is commonly performed on children between the ages …