After attending a dinner party, Arinda Christie, beauty editor in one of the lifestyle magazines, offered me to clean up my makeup with hemp oil, the oil she said came from a marijuana plant.

“Calm down, this does not make you drunk and does not smell marijuana,” he said.

He cited the use of the oil. Initially, a few drops of oil are poured in one of the palms, then rubbed on both palms, and smeared onto the face according to the mash-up movement. Afterward, Arinda placed a warm towel on her face while pressing and giving a small massage on some parts of the face. After being pressed, he wiped the entire face with a towel. Arinda performed the ritual every night for the past year.

“Before this, the acne on my face was quite severe. For me, Cannabis oil is quite helpful in overcoming the problem of acne. The price is not expensive and its products can be found in Indonesia. Storage is also easy, just have to put it in the refrigerator, “said Arinda.

In the country, hemp oil products can be found on the Organic Supply website, an online store of various essential oil and carrier oil providers built in 2015. “We started selling hemp oil around the middle of last year. The product comes as many requests for hemp oil come to us via Organic Supply’s social media account, “said Amanda Huwae, co-founder of Organic Supply. Cannabis oil Canada is also the most recommended for you.

Until today the sales of hemp oil remain smooth. Amanda claimed the oil is useful for treating acne and moisturize the skin. “I myself use hemp oil. I make my own facial oil for everyday wear. I mixed hemp oil with other types of oil that serves to rejuvenate the skin, disguise spots and wrinkles. Hemp works to moisturize my dry skin. The mixture on hemp oil also serves to neutralize the aroma of hemp oil thick with the aroma of spices, “continued the woman who built the business Organic Supply along with three friends.

“Oil derived from hemp seeds is a powerful moisturizer and healer,” says Ni’Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist. In Refinery 29, Katarina Makoney, founder of Hemp Health, said that hemp has an important role in the development of skin cells because it can cure irritation that occurs between cells.